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  • Know of any places in C-ville where bike or pedestrian lanes would be a welcome addition?
  • Have you had a "close call" with a car at a sticky intersection?
  • Have a great idea for a new project or program?
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Anonymous said...

As a resident of Willoughby Townes I am pleased to have Willoughby Square shopping center just across the street. Walking there however is very difficult at several times during the day because of the vehicles traveling south on Fifth Street Extended that use the turning lane (sometimes at high speed) to get onto Harris Road. Many of them have no idea that there will be cars,trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians (some with baby strollers) coming out of our entrance on Harris - a very short distance from Fifth Street.

There is no pedestrian crossing at the Fifth and Harris corner across the turning lane. Having one might warn drivers that they are entering an area with pedestrians present.

Since Jackson-Via Elementary School is just a short distance down Harris Road, I think that it would make sense to calm the traffic on Harris from the corner at Fifth Street (at least!) past the school zone.