USBR 76 Realignment Proposal

Thanks to everyone who sent in comments over the past week and came to the meeting on Tuesday afternoon (with snow coming down!) to look at shoring up USBR 76 in Charlottesville.

At the meeting we looked at the route turn-by-turn and tried to decide on a proposal for the best single route. Major considerations included 1) avoiding high speed/volume auto traffic, 2) maximizing exposure to local points of interest, 3) keeping a generally direct course, and 4) minimizing left turns on major roads. Below is the route we came up with.

Please take a look and let us know what you think over the next week by posting to this blog or emailing

We spent alot of time discussing the section between Avon/Garret and W. Main/Ridge, and also the proposed alternate route through UVa. Stephen Bach has written up a wonderful background to justify the alternate route through UVa. Your feedback on these sections would be very helpful.

Our goal is to get signs up on the improved route in time for the VBF's Cross-State Ride in May!


Angus McBurger said...

This is what happens when you take transit.

Let's talk about alternatives.

What about a giant log that we float down the river?

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