Discover Transportation Freedom! Don't miss out!

If you've missed the Discover Transportation Freedom events in your neighborhood, or if you are outside of the city boundaries and you want to participate (and want to have a chance to win $1700!), don't fret!

You can join us at any of our upcoming events, and we have two opportunities in the next two weeks.

Tenth transportation social and bike or bus ride -- Barracks Road Neighborhood
Date/Time: Friday, August 29, 6:00pm-8:00pm starting at Barracks Road Shopping Center
  • Talk about transportation a bit at Barnes & Noble at Barracks Road Shopping Center
  • Ride your bicycle or the bus from Barnes & Noble to UVA
  • And you may win $1700!!!

Eleventh transportation social and bike ride -- Johnson Village Neighborhood
Date/Time: Thursday, September 4, 6:00pm-7:00pm starting at Johnson Elementary School

  • Ride your bicycle from Johnson Elementary School to Forest Hills Park
  • Eat & talk about transportation a bit at a picnic at Forest Hills Park
  • And you may win $1700!!!

Please join us for one of these fun events and take your chances at winning $1700!! We will have similar events through the end of November -- keep updated by checking out our events calendar (on the sidebar and on the bottom of this webpage).

Thank you!!!


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